Our produce can be purchased year round in our Castle Store Farm Market.

Availability based on the season.

Spring is full of delicious greens, herbs, and root vegetables!

Come by or check out our Online Store to see what we are currently harvesting!.

Our Summer Roadside Produce Stand will be open Friday June 29, 2019 through Monday September 13, 2019.

Clark's Farm grows all its vegetables without the use of chemicals:

  • No synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, or herbicides.
  • We strive to promote biodiversity and healthy soils to produce healthy vegetables.
  • We use cover crops to increase organic matter and prevent soil erosion.
  • We rotate crops through the garden to help manage soil fertility and reduce pest pressure.
  • We love meeting you at our market and talking about our vegetables.
  • We plant, weed, trim, trellis, and harvest everything by hand!
  • We love to share stories from the garden and have customers appreciate our beautiful vegetables.

We also have a Cut Your Own Flower and Herb garden right behind the Produce Market:

  • These flowers will stay fresher longer and brighten up your home, or your neighbors!
  • Cutting your own flowers is a great way to spend sometime out doors! Plan it with some friends or bring your kids!
  • We grow zinnias, snap dragons, celocia, ageratum, cornflower, strawflower, sunflowers, and more!
  • We also grow oregano, thyme, chive, garlic chives, sage, and basil!

Check out our recipes page for idea and send us an email if you have a great recipe you want us to share!

In order to round out our offerings at our Roadside Produce Stand we also have produce grown on other farms such as sweet corn, watermelons, and peaches! Everything we sell will always be non-GMO.