Wonderful Children's Parties at Clark's Elioak Farm

The Clark family is pleased to invite you to celebrate your child's birthday or other special events at our beautiful petting farm in the heart of Howard County. With picnic tables under our lovely trees and rolling hillsides to enjoy, your trip to our petting farm will be a memorable one.

All of our Children's Parties include:

Your child and all of your guests will be greeted by a birthday hostess who will take them on a personalized tour of the petting farm. They will visit with the animals and have an opportunity to feed, pet, and hold some of them. Your farm tour includes a hayride for everyone through our fields and ends at your reserved table in our picnic area. A variety of play areas are available for the children's enjoyment, as well as the delight of seeing many of your favorite ENCHANTED FOREST treasures restored and brought back to life among the animals and fields of our petting farm.

Your Questions Answered

  • Guided tour of the petting farm, feed for the animals and a hayride for all of your guests
  • Tables reserved for your party for two and ½ hours. You may bring any food and drink you would like. We have juices, water, snacks and ice cream for sale and will provide you with a list of local pizza shops that deliver to the farm when we confirm your reservation
  • The opportunity to visit the Enchanted Pine Tree Forest and other Enchanted Forest attractions
  • Children's play areas and slides
  • Handwashing stations with running water and soap, portable bathroom facilities, and trash bins
  • A coloring book for the birthday child

Spring & Summer Birthday Parties
(April 3 to September 14)

$9.00 per child (1 to 12 year olds)
$4.00 per adult

Easy ways to make a great party even better:

  • Pony Rides - $2.00 per child
  • Cow Train Ride - $2.00 per child
  • Face Painting - $1.00 per child

Party pricing:

  • $9.00 per child for the Basic Party Package
  • $10.00 per child with Facepainting added
  • $11.00 per child with Pony Rides added
  • $11.00 per child with Cow Train added
  • $12.00 per child with Facepainting and Pony Rides added
  • $12.00 per child with Facepainting and Cow Train added
  • $13.00 per child with Pony Rides AND Cow Train Ride
  • $14.00 per child with Facepainting, Pony Rides AND Cow Train added
  • $4.00 per adult

Fall Birthday Parties
(September 15 to November 4)

$9.00 per child (1 to 12 year olds)
$4.00 per adult

Easy ways to make a great party even better:

  • Visit the Patch & Pick a Pumpkin - $2.75 per child
  • Pony Rides - $2.00 per child.

Party pricing:

  • $9.00 per child for the Basic Party Package
  • $11.75 per child with Pumpkin from Patch added
  • $11.00 per child with Pony Rides added
  • $13.75 per child with Pumpkin and Pony Rides added
  • $4.00 per adult

Overall then, how does the money work?
Minimum spend required: $130.00 (The party cost is determined as a per child and per adult price based on the number of children and adults who attend and the party package you choose. However if that total is less than $130 you still need to pay the $130 minimum.)
Non-refundable Deposit: $40.00 (Due at the time of your reservation.)
Balance due on the day of the party

Birthday Party Frequently Asked Questions ... Answered

Any day that we are open, timeframes are 10 AM to 12 noon, 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM, 12 noon to 2 PM, 1 PM to 3 PM, 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM or 3 PM to 5 PM. Your party is scheduled for two hours (please put that time frame on your invitations), but you have 15-20 minutes to set up before your party and 30 minutes after your party to say good-bye, pack up and clean up your table area. We provide trash bags and ask you to clean up your area before you leave. Thank you.

Most people schedule a rain date and put both the regular party date and rain date on their invitation. If rain is predicted the night before your party or it is raining on the day of your party, call Martha Clark at 410-440-0295 to discuss whether to have your party, or reschedule or cancel your party. We can host your party under cover if it is raining on the day of your party. The choice is yours. For a rainy day party, we modify the party to fit the conditions on the day of your party. If it rains the whole time, we will bring some of the smaller animals to your covered area to visit with the children. We can still do facepainting. You can bring some games or other activities and we will help you with them. If it is intermittent rain, we will do as many outdoor activities as the rain allows us to do. The children can enjoy the play table under the pavilion. We will be glad to work with you whatever you choose to do.

No, just be realistic in your estimating the numbers when you complete your reservation form so that we can plan for your group's size. There is an $130.00 minimum for each birthday party, which translates into approximately 9-12 children and 6-8 adults, depending on the party package you choose.

Yes, you can just come and pay the general admission and pick the activities you want to do. You will not get some of the features of the regularly-scheduled party, but you will have greater flexibility and a lower cost if you just have a few children. There are non-reserved picnic tables you can use for your party.

The normal routine is that you can come 15-20 minutes prior to your party start time to set up. We will let your guests know where your tables are. Once they are all assembled, your tour guide will begin your tour. We will take you through our part of the party (tour of the petting farm and hayride, and any of the options you have chosen: pony rides, cow train and/or facepainting for Spring/Summer parties OR pumpkin from patch and/or pony rides for Fall parties. Your guide will then make sure you get back to your table. That part of the party should take between 1 to 1½ hours depending on the size of the group and what options you have chosen. The remaining time is for you to have snack/lunch/open presents/let the kids play, visit the Enchanted Forest attractions etc. If you choose facepainting, we will do that at the beginning of the party as the children arrive.

We will keep a headcount of the children and adults who attend the party, stamp their hands and show them where your table area is. We will tabulate the cost, take off the deposit amount and calculate what you owe. We will bring the invoice to you at the table area near the end of your party and accept payment from you then. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover,American Express and cash. YOU MUST PAY FOR ALL CHILDREN AND ADULTS WHO COME TO THE PARTY. If you intend to make any of your guests pay for themselves, you will have to collect that money yourself and use it to pay your balance due at the end of your party. If you send them to the cashier and we collect their fees separately they will be charged full price for admission and all activities and they will not be counted towards your minimum amount due.

If you choose any of the additions to your party package, facepainting, the cow train and pony rides for Spring/Summer parties OR pumpkin from the patch and/or pony rides for Fall parties, you will need to pay for that option for all the children who attend your party. We will make every effort to make sure that all children have the opportunity to partake in each activity as part of the party, but if they do not choose to participate or miss the opportunity, you are still responsible for paying for that activity for each child.

You may bring any food from home. We provide you with a list of pizza restaurants that deliver to the farm and you can call and have pizza ordered. Normally, you'd want to have the pizza delivered for the last ½ hour of your scheduled party time. We sell drinks, ice cream and snacks if you need them. Now you can order a farm-themed birthday cake or cupcakes from Touche Touchet Bakery with delivery to the farm on the day of your party. Ordering information will be included in your party confirmation email.

Yes, we also host family reunions, high school reunions, corporate parties and family events, events for non-profit organizations and even small, informal weddings. Anyone who thinks it would be fun for their clients, employees, family members, classmates or friends to spend the day visiting with our friendly animals and exploring our wonderful Enchanted Forest attractions and rides should check out our Group & Event Rental page.

To book your party you need to do ALL of these 3 things,

1 - PICK YOUR DATE from those available below

2 - pay a $40 deposit, (Click To PAY THE DEPOSIT Here), and

3 - fill out our quick birthday party form, (Click To FILL IN YOUR FORM Here) so we have all your needs noted before you come. Your answers on the form are not final. You will be able to make changes if you would like before the day of the party.

SPECIAL NOTE: You must complete and submit all 3 items at one time

If you do not submit the 3 items all together at one time, we will not book your party.

You will then receive a final confirmation email from us within 48 hours with information you will need for planning your party.

If you do not receive an email confirmation from us within 48 hours after submitting all 3 items, please email clarkselioakfarm@hotmail.com. Thank you very much.

So to start the booking process with us choose your date and slot below: