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       Clark's Farm is part of the farming operation of the Clark family, which is proud to be entering it's 214th year of farming in Howard County (actually Howard County in only 150 years old, prior to that we were part of Anne Arundel County).   Over those years we have raised crops and a variety of animals and run a dairy operation, but the main link between the seven generations of farmers in our branch of the Clark family has been raising beef cattle. 

        The sixth and seventh generation, Martha Clark and Nora Crist, are pleased to be providing for the first time to the retail market, our 100% grass fed beef.   Our goal is to provide our neighbors with a local source of pasture-raised,  grass-finished beef, an alternative to the feedlot-raised, corn-fed beef that is prevalent in local stores.

         We raise our animals in a low-stress, natural environment and treat them humanely from birth to market. 

         We protect our streams from harmful animal impacts through a variety of soil conservation and conservation reserve programs. 

         We manage the grazing of our animals to enhance the growth of the pasture, the health of the land, and the nutritional value of our products.  

         When high-quality pasture is not available, we feed the animals stored grasses in the form of hay.  We do not feed them grain, soy, corn silage, or feed concentrates.  

         We do not treat our animals with hormones. 

         We do not treat our animals with routine, low-level antibiotics.  

         We do not confine our animals except to protect them from extreme weather conditions.

         Our entire farm, 540 acres, is in either the county or state farmland preservation programs. 

         We want to know our customers and want our customers to know their farmers. 

    To enhance your shopping experience at our farm, we also offer the vegetables and fruits at our

         Clark's Produce Stand

during the summer months, July 1 through Labor Day.  Nora offers sweet corn, tomatoes, zucchini, yellow squash, berries, potatoes, onions, watermelons, cantaloupe, peaches and other farm-fresh vegetables.   We also offer cut-your-own flowers.  Click HERE for more information.



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We now have pastured pork and chickens!

Our pork is sold by the cut, and our bacons and hams are nitrate-free. The pigs live in on pasture and wooded areas where they can run, root, and play. They are offered a non-GMO blend of grains.

Our chickens are also offered a blend of grains free from GMOs (genetically modified organisms). The chickens are also on pasture 24/7. Our chickens are sold whole and frozen. They range from 3-5 lbs and are $5/lb.

We also are selling pastured chicken eggs! Our supply is low right now, but we will have more chickens starting to lay in the early fall.


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 Clark's Elioak Farm

10500 Clarksville Pike

Ellicott City, MD 21042



10500 Clarksville Pike (State Route 108)

Ellicott City, MD 21042




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